About Us

We are a team of creatives who see the need to make informative, enlightening, exciting and entertaining content accessible to people who for reasons such as location, poor standard of living, nature of job and really busy schedules have been cut off from recent trends and development in the present world we live in.

The need to bridge the gap between those who can afford to use high-end platforms to gain knowledge and stay entertained and those who can't.

Our Mission is:
  • To provide equal opportunities to information technology, media, entertainment and advertising.
Our Vision:
  • We see a world of inclusion and participation for the innovative African population leveraging on the media.
Our core values are:
  • Synergy
  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Innovation
  • Quality

The solution we provide

A media platform that affordably enables users to stream sports live and comfortably at their own convenience as this will be supported by any device (phones, tablets, laptops etc). This eliminates factors such as proximity to viewing points or lack of access to a satellite network service provider, electricity or excessive data consumption. This platform will also provide for the needs of people who have interest in events, shows, news and movies. Daily news updates will be featured to keep members of the public informed. There will be a movie box for movie lovers to have access to a number of blockbuster and original movies and a premium package for those who want to have the cinema in their pockets allowing them pay a really affordable amount to watch movies showing in cinemas when and where they'll love to watch them.


There'll be an inclusion of those residing or working in the rural areas and those who earn averagely in modern day trends, they will stand a chance to be part of the ever evolving society where everyone can enjoy equal opportunities to information technology and participation. This will create an avenue for Partnerships and will foster economic growth.

Ultimately, we aspire to introduce satisfaction and affordability when it comes to providing inspiring, informative and entertaining content.

When this platform becomes available to the public for use, there would be a means of accessing this platform via a web page and a mobile application. This platform will also create earning opportunities for people.